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About this website for people who support farmers

As you would be aware, the uncertainty and stress associated with farming does not only affect farmers and their families, but also those who work with them. For this reason, this website is now available to all of the people who support farmers as well– agronomists, advisers, consultants, rural financial counsellors, bankers, vets, rural retailers and anyone else who identifies with farming culture and would like to learn new strategies to effectively manage things beyond their control.

By completing the five short modules on this website you will learn new tools to equip you to take charge and reduce the negative impact stressful situations have on your life, so you have more time and energy to focus on the things that make you happy.

Doing the modules and building new practical strategies in to your life will also put you in a good position to talk to other people in your farming community about ifarmwell and convince them to do the same.

The five modules are focused on:

  • Module 1: Taking stock of your current wellbeing and some practical strategies to get you started
  • Module 2: Thoughts are like bullies- how to spend less time ‘in your head’
  • Module 3: Doing what really matters- how to get the most out of a busy life
  • Module 4: Training your ‘attention muscle’ and focusing on the ‘here and now’ – a more pleasant, less exhausting place to be
  • Module 5: Putting it all together and moving forward

Each module takes approximately 30 minutes to complete- a small investment of your time, given the benefits you are likely to experience. However, if you do have to stop part way through a module it is no problem- you can use the ‘Save and continue later’ button and easily return to finish it at a later date. The next module will then be available two weeks later (you will receive a text message to let you know). This will give you time to test out and practise your new tools from one module, before learning more in the next.

The website aims to assist BOTH those who are currently experiencing poor mental health AND those who would like some new tools to improve their ability to cope with stress and prevent the development of mental health issues.

If you work with any farmers you think might benefit from completing the ifarmwell modules, you can download a guide on how to talk to your clients about ifarmwell here.

To download an A4 PDF printable ifarmwell flyer to share or display in your office, click here.

It may also be useful to show your clients some of the videos on the home page, featuring farmers who explain how ifarmwell helped them by clicking here and scrolling down, or to show them our video and script on how to speak to a GP about their mental health, if you think that would be of benefit to them, by clicking here.

The design of the site has been informed by extensive consultation with farmers and our research on farmers who cope most successfully during droughts. It also aligns with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy’s (ACT) expanding evidence-base as a highly effective treatment for a range of clinical conditions and the promotion of wellbeing in non-clinical samples. ACT is a trans-diagnostic approach, which means that the strategies it teaches can be applied to a range of mental health disorders and personal challenges. To make it more engaging for farmers, most of the examples provided and metaphors used to explain key concepts are farming-related. To learn more about ACT click here.

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