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When you register on this website, you will be given three options:

  1. Get started with the modules straight away and give permission for the answers you enter in to the website to be used to improve the website for other farmers (all information will be de-identified, remain confidential and choosing this option will not take you any extra time).
  2. Get started straight away and NOT give permission for the answers you enter in to the website to be used to help make it better for other farmers.
  3. Answer some optional, confidential questions to improve knowledge about farmers’ wellbeing, give permission for us to use the answers you enter to improve the website, then get started with the modules. The additional time investment is approximately 10 minutes now, 10 minutes once you have finished all of the modules and 10 minutes in approximately 8 months.

If you choose option 1 or 3, and agree to the terms and conditions of using the website, you will become a participant in a research project that is designed to ensure this website continues to meet the needs of Australian farmers and helps to improve knowledge about farmers’ wellbeing.

• Dr Kate Gunn, Research Fellow, UniSA, phone: (08) 8302 2137, email: [email protected]

• A/Prof James (Jim) Dollman, School of Health Sciences, UniSA, phone: (08) 8302 1413, email: [email protected]

• Prof Deborah Turnbull, Chair of Psychology, The University of Adelaide, phone: (08) 8313 1229, email: [email protected]

• Dr Andrew Vincent, Biostatistician, Freemasons Foundation Centre for Men’s Health, The University of Adelaide, phone: (08) 8313 1216, email: [email protected]

• A/Prof Susan Brumby, Director, National Centre for Farmer Health, phone: (03) 5551 8533, email: [email protected]

• Dr Camille Short, School of Psychology, University of Melbourne, email: [email protected]


If you are 18 years of age or older, are fluent in English, you have access to the internet and your own mobile phone with coverage at least once per week, you know how to read text messages AND you or your partner have previously or currently own or play an active role in the operation of a farming or pastoral enterprise in Australia, OR you have previously or currently work in a job supporting people who fit the description above (e.g. stock agent, rural financial counsellor, rural health professional), your participation in this study would be greatly appreciated.


If you choose to participate, you will be asked to complete an online consent form. If you indicate willingness on your consent form, you may also be contacted at a later date (e.g. in a period of drought) and asked to complete another questionnaire or interview. Even if you agree to this now, you will have the option of not participating at the time.


All records containing personal information will remain confidential and no information collected that could lead to identification of any individual, will be released.

Re-identifiable data will be retained for a period of five years and stored as electronic files on the UniSA server and on paper in a locked filing cabinet. Only direct members of the research team (investigators and research assistants) will have access to this data. Individuals’ responses will be kept confidential by the researcher and will not be identified in the reporting of the research. However, the researchers cannot guarantee the confidentiality or anonymity of any material transferred by email or the internet.

Your involvement in the study is voluntary; you may withdraw your participation from the study at any time without penalty by contacting the team by email: [email protected] You may also choose to withdraw any data that you have provided to that point. Refusal to participate in this study will not effect your relationship with the University of South Australia or any associated body.


The only foreseeable risks associated with participation in this study are discomfort (depending upon your personal experiences) and inconvenience due to time commitments (if you choose to complete the optional questionnaires). In the event that our questionnaires identify you as highly distressed, the website will make you aware of this, provide relevant information and a member of the research team will phone you and encourage you to make an appointment with your GP for further assessment. He or she will also have details of confidential helplines (e.g. Lifeline 13 11 14) available.


This project has been approved by the University of South Australia’s Human Research Ethics Committee (application number 0000035637). If you have any ethical concerns about the project or questions about your rights as a participant please contact the Executive Officer of this Committee, Tel: +61 8 8302 3118; Email: [email protected]

If you would like further information about the study, please do not hesitate to contact Dr Kate Gunn; phone: (08) 8302 2137, email: [email protected]

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