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Farmers and their supporters now have even more ways to take control of their lives and reduce the impact negative situations have on them with the launch of the ifarmwell podcast.

Voiced by renowned former ABC radio presenter Drew Radford, the eight-part series takes the listener on a journey to better wellbeing and helps them put in place strategies to effectively manage life’s challenges and get the most out of every day.

  • Episode 1: The power thoughts have over the way you feel and how to dodge thought traps
  • Episode 2: Noticing and distancing yourself from your thoughts so they have less power over you
  • Episode 3: Working out what’s really important and where it’s most useful to focus your attention
  • Episode 4: Using your values to guide your decision making and interactions with others
  • Episode 5: Building your attention-shifting muscle to focus on the present
  • Episode 6: How to ground yourself and focus your attention on the present
  • Episode 7: Practising key tools and reaching out if you need some extra help
  • Episode 8: Tying it all together – you are in the driver’s seat

The series also features the voices of farmers across Australia who have used ifarmwell and incorporated these strategies into their lives.

Begin your journey to better wellbeing and start listening to the ifarmwell podcast today by clicking on a link below.

Alternatively, you can start listening by clicking on the orange play button below. If you are accessing this from you phone and do not have the Soundcloud app, choose the option to ‘Listen in  browser’.


The development of these podcasts was supported by Country SA PHN.

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