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Practical tips to improve your wellbeing

If you are interested in some practical tips on ways to improve your wellbeing, but are not quite ready to sign up and complete the ifarmwell modules, have a look at the tip sheets below. The topics covered are those that other farmers have said they would like to know more about. The suggestions are based on what research has shown can help.

We recommended that you print a copy so you can easily complete the exercises, make notes and refer to them at a later date.

We also suggest that you use the tip sheet to start a conversation with someone you trust about the issue you are facing and together work out a plan for how you will tackle it. Having this sort of conversation will increase your chances of making meaningful changes to your life.

To view the tip sheets, click on the headings below.

Please note that for more comprehensive information and support, we strongly encourage you to register and complete the five free ifarmwell modules.

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