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    This website has been designed by Australian farmers for Australian farmers to help them cope effectively with life’s challenges and get the most out of every day. It does this by sharing practical ways of coping with difficult circumstances, thoughts and feelings (especially worries about things you can’t control) and helping you to work out where it is most useful for you to put your attention and energy.

    You can do this from the privacy of your home, tractor or shed. The site will even send you text message reminders to keep you focused, and it is free!

    The website is designed to be useful for both farmers who are currently feeling down or stressed and those who would simply like some new tools to improve their ability to cope with uncertainty associated with life on the land.

    By completing the five short modules on this website you will learn new tools to equip you to take charge and reduce the negative impact stressful situations have on your life, so you have more time and energy to focus on the things that make you happy.

    If you’d like to take a quick tour, click play on the video below.

    Learning these skills requires time and energy, willingness to practise and a commitment to try to incorporate new strategies into your life. However, it will save you time in the long run if you can master the art of spending less time going over and over things in your head. It might also prevent a few unfortunate farm mishaps, that often happen when you are doing one activity while being caught up in thoughts about another!

  • Some farmers have said they like to think of the strategies this website shares as tools to improve their ‘thinking clout’.

    There are five modules for you to work through at your leisure:

    Module 1: Taking stock of your current wellbeing and some practical strategies to get you started
    Module 2: Thoughts are like bullies- how to spend less time ‘in your head'
    Module 3: Doing what really matters- how to get the most out of a busy life
    Module 4: Training your ‘attention muscle’ and focusing on the ‘here and now’ - a more pleasant, less exhausting place to be
    Module 5: Putting it all together and moving forward

    Allow about 30 minutes to complete each module. The next module will then be made available two weeks later. You will receive a text message to let you know. This will give you time to test out and practise using your new tools from one module, before learning more in the next. Please be patient and try to complete each module in full. However, if you do have to stop part way through a module, you can use the 'Save and continue later' button and return at a later date.

    We think you will find it interesting and, at times, fun. By the end of the modules, the aim is for you to be less focused on thoughts and things you can’t control and more focused on your family, friends, farm or whatever it is that matters to you most.

  • If you are:
    • 18 years of age or older,
    • Have a mobile phone (that is in phone range at least once per week) and know how to read text messages,
    • Currently or have previously owned or played an active role in the operation of a farming or pastoral enterprise in Australia (or are the partner of someone who fits this description), including grain, sheep, cattle, dairy, horticulture, market garden, fruit growing, poultry, viticulture, cane, and cotton farming,
    Or work in a job supporting people who fit this description (e.g. stock agent, rural financial counsellor, rural health professional) and
    • You agree with our terms and conditions,
    then this website is for you!



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